Dominica West Indies

The West Indies is the chain of islands which are also known as the Caribbean islands of which the island of Dominica forms a part of. Dominica West Indies is in fact considered the most naturally beautiful of the Caribbean islands. The nature island’s towering green mountains, dense tropical forests, deep valleys and endless streams and cascading waterfalls are testament to this statement.

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As the National Anthem sings “Isle of beauty, Isle of splendor, Isle to all so sweet and fair” this majestic island is home to some of the world’s most exotic plant and animal life. Dominica, the nature island sits between two French islands Guadeloupe to the north and Martinique to the south. As a result of this location between two French departments and a long time French occupation, the nature island Dominica, possesses a varied culture with a heavy French influence. The French patois that is spoken by the locals on Dominica West Indies was created as a form of communication between the African slaves and the French. The Nature Island of the Caribbean, Dominica is also often called ‘French Dominica' because of its French influence.

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Dominica West Indies (which in Latin means ‘Sunday’) is not a destination for travellers craving the highly commercialized ‘real Caribbean vacation’ of sea and sand and sunset on white sandy beaches. The Nature Island Dominica is commonly referred to as the “nature isle” of the Caribbean, for green, and eco friendly reasons. Dominica West Indies is densely covered with lush tropical forest. In fact, a vast proportion of Dominica the nature island is forested area - almost two thirds of the island. These areas are unspoiled, untouched and preserved and protected areas. Rivers, lakes, streams, and waterfalls are nourished by the islands rainfall originating in the tropical rain forest of Dominica. Bask in this new adventure and own your piece of paradise with Dominica CBI Real Estate.

Dominica West Indies is a prime ecotourism destination, and the habitat is home to a wide variety of plant and animal life. The Nature Island has earned its name in its richness of natural resources found on the nature island.

The population of the Nature Island, Dominica is around seventy thousand (70,000), of which 20, 000 live in and around Roseau, the capital city. The capital of Dominica West Indies was named after the French name for the reeds that grew by the river, Roseaux. Roseau is often called Historical Roseau because of the fine collection of traditional colonial architecture that makes the city attractive to architectural historians and visitors.

Around the Nature Island’s capital city, Roseau one can find some well preserved examples of the British influence in architecture in the form of large colonial town houses and colonial public/government buildings. The churches established in Roseau are fine examples of European colonization in the Nature Island, Dominica.

Dominica, West Indies, has a breath taking natural beauty, spectacular lush and varied flora and fauna and earned the right to be called Dominica, ‘the Nature Isle of the Caribbean’. The local terrain of rugged mountains (of volcanic origin) has given birth to the islands hidden treasures. Fertile green valleys, cascading waterfalls, cool rivers, and deep waters that attract big pelagic like whale sharks, towering mountain peaks of almost 5000 feet, are just a few notable natural wonders Dominica can boast about.

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The pristine condition of Dominica West Indies resources and all its national treasures are a reminder of how important conservation and protection of resources is. In order for the Nature Inland to maintain its status quo as the nature island of the Caribbean, it must ensure the continued preservation, protection and conservation of the resources. This beautiful natural paradise and its green surroundings are both a privilege and a responsibility for the people who live on the Dominica, West Indies. In order to keep this greenhouse pure and untouched, unspoiled by commercial development, it is the job of the officials; residents and visitors to protect the nature isle in any way possible and to preserve its natural beauty.

Luxuriant tropical forest adorned with orchids, sedges, heliconias and a wide variety of ferns, including several species of tree ferns adds to the islands inexplicable beauty. The majority of Dominica West Indies landscape is covered forested areas which are heavily protected by law. There are five main groups of forested areas: State Lands, National Parks, Forest Reserves, the Carib Territory and privately owned Land. Of these, the Forest Reserves, the National Parks, and State Lands are under the management and protection of the Division of Forestry, Wildlife and National Parks. Dominicans take pride in making sure that their country remains a natural gem.

Dominica is an alluring, majestic island of nature, with towering green covered mountains, spilling with waterfalls, unspoiled nature filled with lakes, rivers and streams, fed by the islands high annual rainfall. This beautiful Dominica West Indies is a place where the rainforests is home to indigenoeus parrots flying like rainbows and orchids growing. It is truly nature’s little secret.

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