Dominica Attractions

Untouched and unspoiled Dominica is true paradise, a scenic and exotic location. Known commonly as the Nature Island of the Caribbean, the island is made up of several environmental settings which includes lush tropical rain forest, swamplands, grasslands, mangroves and many set amongst its water resources such as waterfalls, lakes and rivers. The nature isle boasts tumbling waterfalls and freshwater lakes and one of the only boiling lakes existing in the world today. Volcanic in origin, the island has beautiful black sand beaches, impressive coastlines, and soaring mountains. Nearly 300 miles of footpaths open up to some of Dominica's most spectacular sceneries making the island a haven for hikers and nature-lovers. In almost every part of the country, trails weave their way into gorges and across valleys, climbing up to 4,000 foot mountains.

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Basilico lounge offers friendly service and provides a host of liquors and spirits. For great tasting dinner and an enticing selection of champagnes, European and New World Wines, make Basilico Italian restaurant your number one choice.

Embodied by the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, Dominica offers an exquisite marine life and so a wide variety of water sports, diving, and whale watching is offered to its visitors. The islands not only boast of having a truly magical natural environment but the underwater life that exists is something out of a magazine, truly magnificent. In the underwater world consists of a wide variety of species including exotic and rare marine critters such as sea horses, bright yellow frog fish and polka-dotted batfish. Dominica offers many choices when it comes to water sports and scuba diving. Kayak on cool mountain lakes, swim in secluded river pools in the rainforest, river-tube down the river into the calm waters on the West Coast, or snorkel on pristine reefs there really is something for everyone in Dominica. When you are diving you never know what mystical creature you may come across so it is advisable to look up once in a while, you may just see whale sharks, dolphin or on occasion a pilot whale. Divers who come to Dominica intent on finding the hidden creatures of the sea and granite based coral reefs of breathtaking colors.

Fusion Village restaurant and bar are among the great things to look out for when visiting Dominica. The proprietors ensure that guests have a wonderful time whenever a Fusion Village restaurant event is organized.

The diving in Dominica is as rich and diverse as the island’s natural attractions, from underwater volcanic vents which spew out bubbles and hot water, to submerged volcanic craters, marine creatures of varied variety and gently sloping shelves of coral and sponge.

If you love nature and adventure Dominica is the place for you, with its rising volcanic mountain peaks, dense tropical forest, quiet lakes, waterfalls, geysers and boiling volcanic pools your choice of activities are endless. The country offers hiking to suite its visitors, there are hikes for those who are just not cut out to endure the serious body challenge of hiking, across rivers and climbing cliffs. For the average hiker, journeys to the Penrice, Middleham, Sari Sari, and Victoria Falls would be simply enchanting, and if you want to take it easy you can enjoy what Dominicans call Easy hikes:

  1. To the picturesque village of Trafalgar situated just east of Roseau in the Roseau valley.
  2. Titou Gorge or “Little throat “as it is called by the native caribs. Where one can actually get the opportunity to swim from the base of a waterfall through a series of Natural rooms and points formed by cliff walls.
  3. Or enjoy a short 10- 15 minute walk to the Emerald pool and basque in the crystal clear waters.

For the adventure lovers and thrill seekers you are definitely in the right place. Dominica Caterers to all its visitors. One can enjoy the more adventurous hiking through the interior of Dominica discovering plants and life forms that are usually hidden from the human eye in the rainforest treetops. For the hardcore backpacker, the hours of trekking to attractions like the Perdu Temp, Boiling Lake, Morne Diablotin, or through the Waitukubuli trail would be a fitting challenge.

The recently built Rainforest Aerial Tram is a 30 minute drive from the capital Roseau in the village of Laudat. Transported in a hanging Gondola, the journey of approximately 1 mile is breathtakingly beautiful where one can discover plant and animal life that would have been hidden from the naked eye. This tree top experience is exhilarating, offering a bird’s eye view to the most exquisite tropical rainforest. The forest floor is decorated with Gomier and Chataignier trees, ferns including several species of tree ferns, anthuriums, sedges, orchids and heliconias.

The Wakey Rollers Adventure Park is a one stop spot. The park located near the Layou River has an array of activities that appeal to nature lovers, and thrill seekers. The park offers river tubing, jeep tours, kayak tours, jeep safari through Dominica or enjoy the grueling obstacle course of the adventure park.

The island of Dominica welcomes those who would rather opt for experiencing nature, hands on than endure an exhausting workout through Dominica’s tropical forest. Highride Nature Adventures located in New Florida Estate near the village of Bellevue-Chopin, in the south of Dominica takes you on a nature trail through the mountains of Morne Anglais; you can experience a fully enjoyable eco-tourist guided tour. Enjoy a wide assortment of wild and cultivated tropical flowers of brilliant colors, decorative plants and exotic fruit trees. Basque in an exquisite rain-forest as you explore along the soft tropical floor, home to hundreds of species of plant and life forms. The adventure park offers ATV Jungle tours and horseback riding (all guided tours).

Dominica is an island where you can still experience and environment untouched by commercial exploitation. If you love the water come enjoy our pristine crystal waters, hungry for thrills then come and enjoy the grueling hiking through the dense tropical forest of Dominica.

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