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This pristine island Dominica, surges out of the ocean touched with all of what nature has to offer. Dominica calls itself "a non-tourist destination" as it is a leading destination for adventurous nature lovers, naturalists, hikers, divers, whale watchers, birders, and anyone else wanting to experience an environment untainted and unspoiled by the outside world. This natural beauty possesses such natural wonder and awe; its vegetation, landscape that seems to touch the ocean, rivers in abundance and sparkling waterfalls this makes it a definite attraction for all visitors. Waitikubuli as it is called by the native Carib Indians has a rugged mountainous landscape that ends abruptly at the ocean consequently making it unlike most typical Caribbean islands with white sandy beaches. Despite the absence of white sandy beaches Dominica has a lot to offer tourist coming to the island to enjoy a true tropical hideaway.

Dominica is a leading jurisdiction for company formation solutions. The Dominica IBC has legal personality and limited liability. It can be used for trade globally and requires at least one director and shareholder for company registration. Service providers for offshore corporations operate under regulated conditions and are expected to deliver professional services. The role of the agent in company incorporation offshore is to conduct the legal and administrative procedures and due diligence required for company formation. Dominica has over the years increased investments through the Citizenship by Investment program. This second citizenship scheme is designed with a family option and an individual option, so that individuals and families can apply. The total cost applicable for each option is different, as the single option is less expensive than the family economic citizenship option.

Nicknamed the "Nature Isle of the Caribbean”, Dominica is one of the youngest islands in the Lesser Antilles, still being formed by volcanic activity. The island possesses the most pristine and unique wilderness in the Caribbean which has managed to remain relatively untouched and uncorrupt by tourist activity. Originally, it was protected by sheer mountains which led the European powers to build ports and agricultural settlements on other islands. More recently, the citizens of this island have sought to preserve its spectacular natural beauty by discouraging the type of high-impact tourism which has damaged nature in most of the Caribbean. Dominica has been named one of the world’s leading Ecotourism destinations and is the first country in the world to be officially benchmarked by Green Globe 21 as an eco tourist destination.

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Dominica remains one of the best kept treasures of the Caribbean, an astonishing example of diverse tropical wildlife and a dream for nature lovers. No other Caribbean island boasts a higher percentage of land devoted to national parks and forest reserves with huge-leafy spaces like Morne Trios Pitons. Vacationers can get the opportunity to enjoy a pristine tropical forest, cascading waterfalls, and spectacular coastline, and different varieties of plant and animal life unique to the island, all making the island a unique ecotourism destination. Dominica’s accommodations are as diverse as its natural environment. There are accommodations in the nature island to match visitor budgets, individual tastes and preferences. Beach front villas, hotels or restaurants will help boost your appreciation and admiration for the island’s rugged coastline and volcanic black sand beaches.

Dominica has a variety of places to stay depending on the individual taste of the guest. Dominica is the perfect place for peace and quiet, relaxation, all nature or sport activities and an enjoyable vacation. Accommodations are fairly basic: one room with beds, living area and ‘kitchenette’. The kitchenettes are modestly furnished with a fridge and sink.

In the capital Roseau there are a number of well renowned hotels such as the Fort Young Hotel, this premier hotel is also a historical site. This hotel once was an original fort built in 1770 by the islands British inhabitants and was also the former grounds for Dominica’s first police station. Nearby there is the Garraway hotel, the Sutton Place Hotel, Symszee Guest house, Peppers Cottage, and Saint James Guesthouse. Dominica caterers to the taste of its visitors, for those wanting to enjoy the sea and indulge in diving, there are hotels that can satisfy the need to explore the underwater world. These hotels ironically are located right next to each other at castle comfort. The Anchorage Hotel and Dive center, Castle Comfort Dive Lodge and the Evergreen Hotel are all located on the bay and offer whale watching and diving to its guest.

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There are visitors however who would like to enjoy and Basque in the magical environment making their stay full of wonderful memories and boundless joy. The island offers a number of secluded hotels and guesthouses facing the majestic tall mountains of the nature isle. Some of these hotels are located on the Calibishie Coast where you can travel from the seashore to the littoral forest to the rain forest in little more than a mile; it is a picturesque fishing village. Some of the hotels include: Calibishie Lodges, Pointe Baptiste, Guesthouse, Sea Cliff Cottages, and Lima Ridge Cottages.

There are no megaresorts in Dominica But the modesty of the hotels and guesthouses on the island are enough to satisfy and suite the needs of its visitors. The panoramic view of the mountain and sea, diving, whale watching and the towering cascades and local emerald pools almost lost in the jungle give visitors a slice of paradise. To nature lovers this is a true ecotourism destination.

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