Dominica, not Dominican Republic

Don’t confuse us with the Dominican Republic we are the Commonwealth of Dominica. The Commonwealth of Dominica is often confused with the Dominican Republic because of the similarities in the country’s names. In an effort to reduce the confusion with the Dominican Republic, the Dominican government has insisted that its nationals refer to the island in its official name, The Commonwealth of Dominica. Although there are similarities in both of the islands with the most important being that the both share the same type of government(Parliamentary democracy), the Dominican republic is a Spanish speaking country that shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti.

The confusion with the Dominican Republic and the Commonwealth of Dominica has left Dominica almost unknown to many persons in Europe and the United states. Dominican Republic and Dominica are so often mistaken that persons are often confounded to the fact that these island are in fact two different islands, speaking two different languages. Dominican Republic will still be confused with the Commonwealth of Dominica but educating persons on the two islands and stressing the importance of using the islands official names will reduce some of the confusion.

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The Commonwealth of Dominica as it is officially called is located almost in the centre of the arc of islands known as the Lesser Antilles. Dominica is enclosed by the Caribbean Sea on one side of the island and the Atlantic Ocean. Twenty-nine miles long and sixteen miles wide, Dominica lies between the French island of Martinique to the south and Guadeloupe to the North. This pristine island is of volcanic nature and as a result the island bestows a scene of rugged landscape of blue-green slopes, rushing streams and cloud drenched mountains peaks, giving the island its inexplicable beauty.

Dominica is not to be mistaken with the Spanish speaking Dominican Republic. This English island nation is nicknamed the ‘Nature isle of the Caribbean’for its seemingly unspoiled natural beauty. The island lies between two French overseas departments, of Guadeloupe and Martinique and was during the 18th century colonized by France. This ideal location and history has given the island the nickname “French Dominica". However, its official language is English, though a French based Creole is commonly spoken island wide. This influence on language reflects turbulent history in which the island would be occupied by two nations; the British and the French. For generations, the Caribs have tried to coexist with the new settlors. In 1903 they were assigned a 3,700 acre Territory in the north-east by a British Colonial land grant. Later, when Dominica gained independence from Britain the newly formed government passed the ‘Carib Act’ and issued a certificate of land title to the Caribs. It is an almost spiritual place; cool and calm with the most beautiful group of people, and its retains it authentic charms and culture in its everyday life. The homes are straw huts and the art and culture is seen in the beautiful woven baskets made by the best artisans on island. The Native people live independently and are engaged in agriculture and fishing.

The Dominican Republic and Dominica are both parliamentary democracies. The president is head of state, while executive power rests with the cabinet, headed by the prime minister. Dominica however is a democracy within the Commonwealth of Nations. Dominica joined the Commonwealth in 1978 and as such the official name of the island is The Commonwealth of Dominica. You can surely understand a visitor’s plight in confusing the two islands.

Dominica stands tall among other choices in the Caribbean, in more ways than one. This lush little gem is not your average, low lying Caribbean island. This tropical greenhouse is much more than sun , sea, and sand it is an Isle of beauty, Isle of splendor..." so chants her National Anthem, Dominica is bathed in a rainbow of color. The beautiful island of Dominica is without a doubt a paradise for nature lovers and active vacationers.

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